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Power of US

Representing quality electrical manufacturers to distributors and end user customers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. All our lines as available in the regions USxNW serves unless otherwise noted.

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*Lines Stocked by USxNW

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

USxNW Dedicated Sales Team

Inside Sales Team

Dawn Farrell - 503.234.8000

Nic Leibham - 503.624.8293

Alex Despain - 503.624.8293

Special Projects

Seth Lolley - 206.612.3281

Outside Sales Team

Northern Oregon

Rhonda Vaught - 503.702.5302

Jim Galardi - 971.275.6235

Kevin Adams - 503.869.4100


Ken Belleville - 406.672.3178

Southern Oregon / Alaska

Chris Jackson - 541.954.8728

Eastern Washington / Idaho

Rick Clark - 509.919.1419

Western Washington

Ben Bouchard - 206.713.4865

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